Collecting Luxury Watches

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“Every man by the age of 25 needs a decent wristwatch”

There are very few pieces of Jewelry a man can get away with wearing.  A man’s choice of timepiece is one area a man can show his flair without fear of reprimand or becoming a laughing stock.

Your wristwatch says so many things about the wearer – what social class they belong to, whether they have family money or whether they are simply earning too much.

In this endless consumer world of constant marketing and promotion it can be quite a challenge in determining true worthy items from the mundane.  With ArchieLuxury’s help you will learn what the true icons of the watchmaking fraternity are.  ArchieLuxury will also show you how to buy well on the used market – retail is for suckers.  The true fashionista is after a purchase which represents value.  At any time ArchieLxuury is confident that he could liquidate a piece for a profit or at the very least break even (with the free use of the item thrown in as the bonus). 

Making a smart second hand buy means you can always get your money back if you so wanted to.  This is a kind of capilatist chess game against buying everything new at retail prices.  High street boutique 0, ArchieLuxury 1.










The ArchieLuxury Channel


The ArchieLuxury Channel is a Luxury Educational Channel hosted on YouTube for the bennefit of all people of all classes and walks of life. Archie does not necessarily agree with all opinions given in the ArchieLuxury Channel however he is certainly getting a fee for all quesitonable comments.

This website is dedicated to collecting Luxury Watches. 

The Archie 5 - My Personal Watch Collection.

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