Collecting Luxury Watches

Types of Movements

"A gentleman's choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit." - Ian Fleming

Quartz, Automatic, or Mechanical...... what is the difference.???

A quartz watch is a piece that is powered by a battery.  These are the most accurate watches available....however many people feel they are computerized devices with no real heart or soul.  High end makers have alot of quartz pieces.  Personally I love quartz!!!! .... If you buy a high end brand - what is to stop it being treasured,...... My wife currently has a Cartier Baignoire which is 18K solid gold and Quartz...... she would kill me if I even thought about the S (old) WORD!!!!!!
Automatic - This is a watch that is powered by simply wearing the watch.  A great idea..... the most famous automatic watch would have to be the Rolex DateJust...... Automatics have ridden out the quartz phase and are today the most sought after pieces...... A miniature work of art!!!!!  Powered by simply enjoying and wearing the piece!
Mechanical/Manual Wind - Although the term mechanical can also be applied to automatics it is usually reserved for manual wind pieces.  These piece require the wearer to wind them up before use.  Often they will last 1-3 days before requiring winding again.....  This is what the traditionalists love... Manual wind allows the movement to be super thin..... one of my favorite watches - the Cartier 18K Solid Gold Louis Cartier Tank uses a manual wind movement.  Although the trend today is for OVERSIZE watches, the definition of high class watch making was getting the watch as thin as possible.  Hence the reason the Patek Calatrava 3919 is so thin.....  The only movement as thin as Manual wind is quartz.










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