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The Top 10 Icons of Watchmaking

“Every man by the age of 25 needs a decent wristwatch”

Everybody loves a top 10 list!  From judging super models to listing the 10 best muscle cars of all time.  A top 10 is a personal list every bloke can sit down with other blokes and debate the issue (preferably with a six pack or a bottle of scotch).

Deciding on what the best wristwatch is in the world is similar to deciding what is the best car in the world.  It all depends on your purpose.  To some the ability to off-road, tow a caravan and scale a mountain would be key criteria.  For others it would be acceleration, top speed and handling.  Yet again for others price and sheer luxury would be paramount.

I call these criteria “Fit for Purpose.”  What is your purpose?  Are you a CEO in a suit?  Are you a builder/tradesman?  Are you a trust fund baby who wants to impress people of the opposite sex?  “Fit for Purpose” means a different watch for different people.

This is the reason I have created different top 10 lists.  From the top 10 sports watches, the top 10 upper luxury watches to just 10 absolutely fuck-off pieces.  Whilst I am sure all can enjoy the virtues of a white gold Patek Philippe Calatrava on a leather strap, this might not be best for say a well off tradie or lotto winner trying to impress a wench at his local (pub or bar).












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The ArchieLuxury Channel is a Luxury Educational Channel hosted on YouTube for the bennefit of all people of all classes and walks of life. Archie does not necessarily agree with all opinions given in the ArchieLuxury Channel however he is certainly getting a fee for all quesitonable comments.

This website is dedicated to collecting Luxury Watches. 

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