Collecting Luxury Watches


ArchieLuxury is happy to accept donations on behalf of the channel.  Archie is a very lower middle class guy with limited career prospects and a big ego.  His eyes are much bigger than his wallet allows.
Donations are respectfully appreciated.
Prior donations have allowed Archie to secure a used Nikon D80 camera and lenses.  Further donations will allow for many channel improvements.
ArchieLuxury is also honoured to accept quality gifts and pieces.  All forms of currency, gold, silver and brand name luxury goods will be greatly appreciated and given the respect they deserve.  Why leave your luxury goods to your family and children to flog on eBay when Archie will worship them for the years to come.

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The ArchieLuxury Channel


The ArchieLuxury Channel is a Luxury Educational Channel hosted on YouTube for the bennefit of all people of all classes and walks of life. Archie does not necessarily agree with all opinions given in the ArchieLuxury Channel however he is certainly getting a fee for all quesitonable comments.

This website is dedicated to collecting Luxury Watches. 

The Archie 5 - My Personal Watch Collection.

Time Machines - A Fantastic Documentary on Wrist Watches.