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The Best in the World

No matter what period of time you choose, there have always been people who were/are exceptional.  The list of amazing people in history includes Presidents, World Leaders, Royalty, Celebrities and people who have changed the world.
If you create a list of the most amazing people they are more than like to be owners of a luxury watch.
Many of the most famous Americans are Patek Philippe owners (Patek being the number one luxury watch in the world) and collectors.  These include Joe DiMaggio, Duke Ellington, Walt Disney, Bing Crosby, and John F. Kennedy. 

Famous Cartier wristwatch owners include HRH The Princess Margaret, Princess Grace of Monaco, Rudolph Valentino, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Gabin, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Jane Birkin.
Famous Vacheron & Constantin clients include Napoleon Bonaparte, all the courts of Europe in the 18th Century, Queen Elizabeth II (official gift of the Swiss government to Princess Elizabeth on her coronation in 1953).










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