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“Every man by the age of 25 needs a decent wristwatch”

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This website is dedicated to collecting Luxury Watches. 

What it is all about?......

Many years ago when I was trading (buying and selling) watches a family member said to me .... "you sell used watches...." My answer was no..... I sell dreams.....I sell miniature works of art.
A wristwatch is so much more than an instrument to tell the time.  A wristwatch is one of the few possessions that will be with you through good and bad times...... marriage, children, the first home, divorce, after the wife takes everything from the divorce, a car accident.....a lotto win.....when that sexy brunette said yes to ?!@#!?
A watch is one of the few items we own in our life that goes through everything......
There is a fantastic advertisement for the German jewellery store, Wempe..... it says...."You have big plans for your life.  Treat yourself to an advance."  Then it displays a US$25,000- Lange 1 wristwatch.
Since a watch is such an intimate piece do you want your watch to be a $10- petrol station purchase? ..... do you want to leave your kids a piece of $10 plastic for them to remember you by......??? I have meet many people who own a handed down wristwatch..... all these people matter how expensive or cheap the watch was .....proudly say this was my dad's,....this was my favorite uncle's timepiece.....  Do you want your kids to remember you by a piece of 20 cent plastic?
Now a watch does not have to be an extravagant waste of money..... infact it can be a prudent investment.  At 18 I bought my first high value wristwatch.  It was a Steel Rolex Explorer I paid US$1100- for wholesale from a client who owned a jewellery store.  Suffice to
say I worn that watch for years...... then I sold it for US$6500- 8 years later  ...TODAY that same watch would fetch over US$10,000- in the Japanese market....... 
Now I had a bit of luck on my side,.... as that particular model went through the roof in popularity..... However if you buy a second hand watch and take care of it YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR MONEY......  The secret is to purchase your watch from a second hand watch dealer..... take good care of your purchase and simply enjoy the watch!

A good wristwatch should be part of every gentleman’s library of clothing.  A gentleman should also own the following items:-

  • A good suit (that still fits)
  • A good sports jacket
  • A quality fountain pen
  • A quality bag of some sort
  • A quality suitcase for “weekends away with females”
  • A quality selection of shirts
  • A quality selection of ties
  • A quality selection of shoes
  • A quality selection of scotch











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This website is dedicated to collecting Luxury Watches. 

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